X-Men Apocalypse Review – Jez Gibson


“The Unusual Suspects” are in no way able to save Bryan Singer from third film Apo’Collapse.

Bryan Singer is entitled to a bad day at the office, and a Bryan Singer bad day at the office ain’t totally bad. Unlike it’s X-traordinary characters, and a titular Apocalypse, this film is incapable of delivering on either of these counts.

The mainstay of this new wave of X-Men – Lawrence, McAvoy and Fassbender, though wonderful actors are purely turning in a shift, and some recognisabl’ish newbies look like they could be inserted into any franchise. Our new bad guy is the normally fantastic Oscar Isaac. His name is the only nod to Oscar that him or the film will be getting, not that this is the intention of a film like this.

The action / drama starts ok, but then dilutes into CGI nothingness where it doesn’t really matter if the world in this film, or the loss of one or a million human lives, would push you anywhere near to the edge of your seat; a common challenge for all films in this current era of overlong, over green screened, over cast action which has lost the ability to truly get you to buy into the story or its’ characters.

This is X-Men third class, with a few tricks up its sleeve to not make it a total waste of time. Lukewarm at best, I would suggest saving this for when it appears on your subscription provider of choice, if one of the more X’ceptional options have been exhausted.

5/10 – Jez Gibson





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