Wild Rose review by Jez Gibson

Words cannot describe how much you need to experience the rare and raw beauty of the transcendent Wild Rose.

From a very different universe to our world that is about to be bombarded with everything Avengers, can I implore you to follow the yellow brick road to Glasgow – led by director Tom Harper, inspired by the writing of Nicole Taylor and brazenly belted out of the park by the increasingly exceptional Jessie Buckley and steadfast Julie Walters.

We follow the story of Rose who is both jailbird and songbird, as she pursues her passion and dreamed destiny to be a country singer, where her past and present predicaments pervade what may be possible.

This is the antithesis to the recent A Star is Born. Although that film accomplished much on so many levels, this is the comparatively poorer cousin that is so much richer in the rewards that it ravishes upon us, its’ audience.

I am sure that quite rightly awards will follow this perfect picture. Jessie Buckley will hypnotise you with her performance. This really is a “performance” of the highest level of a rising star who doesn’t need to ever reasonably rise above what is on show here. Her naturalistic acting is rooted in her musicality. She gives everything possible, personified by the genre of music that possesses her character Rose to be “three chords from the truth”.

Wild Rose is magnetic, magnificent and a must see movie – 10/10 and 5 stellar *’s.

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