A mother takes drastic and alternative methods to manipulate action from the local law enforcement, following the unsolved case of the rape and murder of her daughter.


Writer / Director Martin Mcdonagh is pre-dominantly a theatre guy. If unfamiliar with his stage work, you may well have been entertained by one of his most noted films “In Bruges”. His back catalogue means we are guaranteed great casting, story, depth to his characters, and a signature dark-witted streak.

This film doesn’t pull any punches in drawing us into a drama steeped in anger and loss, vengeance and violence. Conversely it delivers moments of true belly laughter that some comedies can’t aspire to, underpinned with great style and provoking substance. The cast are strong across the board, with lead Frances McDormand and one of the co-leads, Sam Rockwell, getting the most awards attention. Frances’s performance is undoubtedly noteworthy.

Although there is so much to admire about this film, for some reason I can’t echo the adoration it is achieving. The many facets of this troubled tale just don’t feel cohesive enough to stand the test of time that earn the claim for a year’s best film or director. 8/10