The Post review by Jez Gibson

Set just before the Watergate scandal, The Post is a bold statement of a film aligning itself with some very current reflections on the role of the media, and a questionable US Administration.


This film has all the credentials of an awards darling – Spielberg directing, Streep and Hanks, and some weighty subject matter.


The Post makes no apology as an allegory on the issue of an attempt to censor truth. Like the classic “All The Presidents Men”, and the more recently superb “Spotlight”, this is a call to arms around the high stakes risks involved with investigative journalism. Nowadays it feels there is so much that is NOT newsworthy, verses gutter level journalism to appease the masses.

Spielberg reignites that flame for freedom of speech, with a sense of high risk personal investment. A revolutionary voice for the people, and through Streep, the fight of women in the face of adversity. Although this is in no way an overstated feminist movie, we are reminded through this focus of a point in history of how times are a’changin.


Streep and Hanks, through their individual characters stories, as well as their working relationships, are so effective in engaging us with a time where their voices could have been so easily buried making the film more compelling. This film was pulled together through a shared vision for all involved in bringing it to our screens. The film was compiled, shot and wrapped with remarkable speed, with the cast getting notes and direction literally as the combined creative parts were being pulled together; galvanised by the challenge of making the parallel point of history repeating itself with current concerns. 


Informative and challenging, The Post is a masterful turn in dramatic story-telling challenging us all to question a bigger picture. 9/10   

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