Spiderman Homecoming review by Jez Gibson

The best Spidey to date, this 5 * friendly neighbourhood homecoming is good enough to catch many of us in its’ web.

Forget the Marvel universe, forget Spidey comparisons, and forget which Web OS version we are on now; this is a movie that can be judged purely on what is up on the screen.


Our new lead actor Tom Holland, is from Kingston upon Thames. He has a talented comedian / writer for a Dad called Dominic, and undoubtedly other inspirations in his genealogy that have enabled Tom to go on to be Billy Elliot in the West End when he was about 12. Presence, physicality and agility already well developed then… It also turned out that he would go on to be a voice over actor, and then an on screen movie actor by 2012 when he turned in a notable performance in The Impossible.


Tom is the anchor of the film. Charismatic and self deprecating as any good Peter Parker should be, he finds a sweet spot that no other have quite attained. Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield – both excellent actors and more than capable Spidermen of old, but just not this good in this role. 


It also helps having a director who is punching way above his IMDB credentials, as well as having Robert Downey and Jon Favreau adding a little gravitas which never feels like tokenism.


This feels more indie than blockbuster. Tonally it is perfect, it simply did not need to be this good, but somehow it feels like it couldn’t be improved in any way.


Besides the Tom Holland master class, all characters contribute to a simple and well written story that still has the ability to draw us in and surprise when the drama is needed. This is herded by director Jon Watts who will hopefully bring us more to enjoy for the future.


Other cast members include the always excellent and fully revived Michael Keaton, Marisa Tomei, and new superb Spidey side kick Jacob Batalon. Jacob is deservedly given more screen time than the potential love interests… 


There are so many great quirks to this film that usurp the dependence on CGI or Marvel mania. Comic timing and laughs are in abundance. The film has a freshness to it and never feels too long or overindulgent.


So choose Spiderman, choose an old fashioned yet thoroughly modern romp of a film. Choose to try this out even  if you are not a Spiderman, superhero movie or Marvel aficionado. This is for men and women, boys and girls who like to chance a different type of escape through the big screen. This homecoming is an unexpectedly brilliant choice – 10/10.


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