Sing – Review by Jez Gibson

An unexpected, unsung hero. This review challenges you to an unexpectedly good time.

Ok, so let’s be honest. This looks like kids animation by the numbers.

Average, predictable trailer, looks like the industry standard of this type of film. Most of them are pretty much the same film, just different animals/aliens, delete as appropriate…

You are in for a surprise as think more School Of Rock than Storks or Trolls. School of Rock reeked of standard live action kid movie, nut hey give it a bit of an edge – stick Jack Black in it. Just like Hollywood would go on to abuse the talents of Robin Williams for better or for worse. Turned out that with a half decent director, these films can be more than just a popcorn sales tool. 

School of Rock “rocked” in a triumphantly unexpected way. Parents and kids happy, and some adults just liked it irrespective of a child being present. Sing is that same gig under a discerning writer and director in Garth Jennings.

It looks so carbon copy and dull, but go with me on this. It has an exceptional voice cast who you will know or will be googling afterwards, as they sound familiar. They sing their own songs. Lots of toe tappingly familiar songs of different styles.

This just looks like lazy kid animation, does reality tv talent show. For me this is a combination that I can only imagine as a window into what may well be taking place in Hell. There is charm to be found into this ensemble of animals, and the musical numbers and the finale are genuinely memorable and emotionally engaging. You’ll like some songs, and not others, but you will warm to the general experience.

Sing is not singularly special, but it will lift your soul beyond what you may expect.

8/10 – Jez Gibson

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@paulkerensa There is no equal to the WW so you might as well stop the search. It’s just what makes you feel something similar of which suggestions here are as good as it gets.
The only show that for me feels as “complete” is a totally different beast altogether - The Wire.

@paulkerensa West Wing is untouchable, but having read suggestions above, I’d throw in The Comey Rule which was just a few episodes and have just started The Morning Show, which feels a bit WW’ish.

So paid for a live streamed local gig tonight, rather than cheering these guys on personally. Sad face...
Watch out for @TheChocoLas who are a huge talent, and really nicely done @BOILEROOM

Had the good fortune to hear about these lovely folks.
Amazing sound, listen to and love them please. Bravo @thelosttrades

Looking forward to a possible vaccinated future of live music again in 2021. Have these future boys booked in for October... ⁦ @turinbrakes⁩ ⁦ @ollyknights⁩ ⁦ @alistatonmixer⁩ ⁦ @lyrictattoo yourfilmopolis photo
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