So just over 4 years ago this absolute peach of a film appeared. Rom-com with dancing and gorgeous leads ? Yes… but there is so much more.

Take a film that a young, up and coming Jennifer Lawrence actually got an Oscar for.

A film that was also nominated for Bradley Cooper for being more than just a handsome guy with a sense of humour.

A nominated screenplay adaptation, writer and director who has gone on to cherish repeat film making relationships and got more awards attention through David O’ Russel. 

Dance’y rom-com film? Nope.

This film knows from director through to its’ ensemble cast (including a resurgent Robert De Niro), how to play just the right side of indie. Quirky tics are all over the dialogue, the soundtrack, and characters back stories’.

Let’s not forget although you will laugh out loud during this film, you will also be expertly walked through three wonderfully diverse and drawn acts where a common denominator is understanding the reality of mental health issues and how they profoundly effect individuals.

This is a film that never falls into being too cool, too knowing or overly cleve, too worthy or too sentimental or too showy from its cast.  This is perfectly judged and thought provoking “feel good” fodder, that plays to the girls and the guys in equal measure.

It is a film that ended up being a perfect storm with a Silver Lining for those who brought it to screen as well as for those of us who have the pleasure to revisit it.

Watch it for the first time or do take a look again – 9/10