Review – Suicide Squad

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you should avoid spending time with the Suicide Squad.

A load of dysfunctional, yet “cool” badasses are recruited under duress to save the day when no one else can.

I wanted this to be as refreshing and surprising as Guardians of the Galaxy, of which my bottom line for this could not be clearer  – watch Guardians again.

There are some great ideas, there are some moments where you think, ok, maybe there is redemption for the Suicide Squad. These are few and far between, and they are so fragmented that they don’t ever get the chance to build momentum to make this film credible or worthwhile…

The film is a dizzying mess from the beginning.

Batman makes a token appearance, but represents a hangover from Batman vs Superman. Not that Affleck is bad, he just should have never, ever, ever taken this gig.

Ben we need to talk, you’re better than this, and I’m sure that cashflow can’t be this bad ? Maybe we could crowdfund some money so that Ben doesn’t feel the need to make films that punch so low beyond his weight ?  

The intro to each new character here is trying to be hip. It isn’t and has been done better by others. The new characters are often just too one dimensional – if Margot Robbie being made to wear very little is enough for you, and a few Will Smith paid by the line “one liners” can sustain you, you might be ok. I know this is already famously a marmite movie; I like marmite, but this is like the worst out of date vegemite.

The Joker is no where near as good as Jared Leto has proved he can can be. The direction is misguided. The CGI patchy, and even the main villain – just rubbish.

AND Margot Robbie’s character is really, really annoying.

For the people who liked this. The people who liked Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman. I honestly want to understand what they see amongst these wrecks that represent anything of real worth. It is clearly a part of my programming that just cannot compute.

Buying more tickets in a “franchise” or a “universe” just encourages the process, especially going back for a sequel of something that you already felt you didn’t enjoy the first foray. With the first ones out of the gates, and with something like Suicide Squad, I feel we have to at least try rather than just judge from a distance… If you’re still buying tickets to parts 2 and 3 of something that you know is just pants and running out of ideas, remember every ticket you buy is encouraging the studios to fund more…

Anyway my recommendation is this, do not encourage the Suicide Squad or Zack Snyder at that, that there is anything cool in following these films up. Do not give them anymore of your money, and don’t take your friends along either. Be resolute brothers and sisters, save your pennies. 

4/10 – Jez Gibson  


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