Doctor Strange – Review by Jez Gibson

Doctor who ? Holmes or House M.D. ? A batch of both…

Please first watch this clever, clever trailer – adapted to the wonderful Johnny Cash song “Hurt”, recently used for the new Logan film trailer.
It brings me great joy to tell you that the stellar cast attached to this film haven’t all just signed up for the cash. They are first and foremost actors, as opposed to stars… The money may have helped there decision to get on board, but there are some top drawer actors at work here. They don’t need to do a Marvel film, or a reality show to boost a flagging career.

This was a conscious choice of people who have the gifts and the freedom of choice to be as happy to work on a top-notch RSC production, and not just any old superhero franchise.
Check out the cast list yourself – Oscar winners, actors who are familiar with the stage, going deep in to character, playing in an ensemble.

The story and feel nod to The Matrix and Inception, not entirely original but have a fresh’ish feel. Our director, producers and cinematographer are all of a modern brat-pack in the new wave of horrors and superheroes, all with maturing CV’s. These films are growing up and getting better generally.
It’s harder now just to pull off the predictable. Top notch T.V out there has helped with this, there is so much talent about that there are only a few studios and directors that can lazily churn out brainless fodder just for ticket sales.

Guardians of the Galaxy was surprisingly excellent, Antman was better than it should have been. Iron Man and the rest of the Avengers et al, they have to work harder now, and the bar is high.

So Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is interesting. It’s by no means perfect but for sure it surpasses popcorn predictability.

Benedict is both Sherlock, and Hugh Laurie’s “House”. Brilliant, arrogant, flawed…
I am not going to dissect the rest of the cast, as there is an ensemble contribution from each that is worthy of your time. The story – it’s good but not exceptional.

But here’s the thing – the CGI is great, Inception great, but newer and with an angle I haven’t felt so impressed with through CGI in a long while. It’s creative, daring and unpredictable. It is the icing on the cake of this production.
So we’ve got great acting and action and effects with brains and bravado.

I would recommend going out of your way in seeing this on a big screen. IMAX would be worth a trip for this one. Haven’t seen the 3D to comment, but if it was 3D at IMAX it would be ultimately immersive.

I’m not personally crying our for a sequel, and I’m not setting this apart from others, but it is surprisingly satisfying cinema.

8/10 for this strange doctor from Jez Gibson

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