Looking Back – “Joy” is an underrated joy.

The trailer may not grab you, the reviews were distinctly mixed, but everyone needs a bit of Joy in their lives…

I was put off watching Joy by some bad reviews, and by not really getting what the film actually was. In fact I started watching the first few minutes of Joy, and couldn’t get into it. Thought I’d come back to it sometime…

Then I reminded myself in David O’Russel, and in Jennifer Lawrence, I trust.

David O’Russel – the mega talented writer, producer and director. The guy who gets the best out of his cast, and they get the best out of him. Tarantino is similarly credited for this skill… And these great actors, including the always unpredictable Robert De Niro, they keep saying “yes” when he calls upon them to work with him again.

Most of us loved Silver Linings Playbook, some of us loved American Hustle, but some of you said it was style over substance. I disagree, watch it again, it’s brilliant.

Joy is still very good. Jennifer Lawrence is magnetic and carries the film and the arc of her character’s plight with style, grace and maturity. If you ever see Jennifer Lawrence interviewed, she is remarkably down to earth. She is a star who doesn’t act too starry. She could have stayed on the indie side of the street with Winter’s Bone and DOR films, but then with success has mixed it up with the Hunger Games and the X-men. She really is acting royalty and she’s only just hit 26. I think she has comfortably crafted a career for life. 

This won’t be to all of your tastes, but I seriously recommend that you try it out as there is so much talent on display on either sides of the camera. Speaking of cameras, it has been filmed exquisitely too.

And Bradley Cooper is back in it. And he’s pretty good again, proving in what is really just a bit more than a cameo role, that he is definitely more than just eye candy for the ladies.

An unexpected and delightful 8/10.

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