Green Book review by Jez Gibson

A must see film that just hits all the right notes – laughter, tears, and an inspirational challenge to our values and core being.

Green Book is a joy from beginning to end. A simple story that puts us in the company of its’ two equally brilliant leads – Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen. We are thrown fondly into the company of this unlikely pairing where musical maestro Ali is compelled to call on the services of Viggo’s semi-wiseguy credentials for a risky tour of his talents on the road to the 1960’s Deep South.

This is a multi Oscar winning movie. It has many facets of what you might expect to be a serious, weighty and worthy affair. Yet somehow it tackles big issues and sentiment with a lightness that doesn’t overburden its audience. Some people choose to give this kind of film a wide berth. It might feel like it’s just too much of a stretch for a Friday night’s entertainment (other days of the week are optional). Trust me when I say that this would be 100% a wrong decision.

This is in fact a five star affair that you should change your plans for and prioritise your trip out for a journey that will stay with you for a little while once the credits roll. There are many points that could be debated on why this is, but sometimes you just need to go with a recommendation. Some critics have had a couple of minor gripes, but they are thinking too much. The beauty of Green Book’s proposition is that this is about trying to forget the construction of detail and difference. It is a culmination of many wonderful moments that elevate this story to be an edifying and memorable experience.

Green Book is a five star rated gift that I implore you to go and see. Not because it is technically perfect, or has one area that it clearly excels in. It’s just great company for a couple of hours that will leave your heart warmed and inspired about the hilarity and diversity of human nature in an unforgiving place and time. Green Book is a rare road trip that won’t give you a guilt trip. It will crack you up, invigorate and inspire you to be a better human being to the point where you will think when can you spend some time in its’ company again…

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