Filmopolis Summer B – S… Jez Gibson

Bourne and BFG, to Star Trek and Suicide Squad…and some other films between B – S. Just a few Filmopolis picks for y’all…

B – Starting with blockbusters with brains, we have Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon back where they belong with Bourne. Mr Spielberg has added his magic to the Roald Dahl classic BFG.  

D – Don’t Breathe looks terrifyingly not run of the mill, if you enjoy freaking yourself and others out.

F – Finding Dory hopefully maintains the Pixar form, while much later in early September is Free State of Jones.

N – Neon Demon will no doubt be a fix for those who like arthouse hyper-stylised violence from the great Dane who created Drive.

S – Suicide Squad insanity, and Star Trek serving to remind us of the loss of the gifted Anton Yelchin… a wide angled snapshot for your consideration.

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