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Filmopolis is a big fan of the new era of modern documentary film-making. Two of the homegrown current kings of the scene are Asif Kapadia (Senna and Amy), and Mat Whitecross who captured a snapshot of Oasis’ story (Supersonic).

These are gents who have mastered the art of engrossing story telling, concerning topical and relevant figures of our time. There is a genius to their work, to develop a narrative that fuses archived and pertinent material to shape and form a story that that elevates a documentary into compelling drama, resonating long beyond their films running time.

Today Filmopolis throws down the gauntlet to these gents and their networks – to consider a piece that compares and contrasts the parallel stories of how Britain followed a Farage lead to Brexit, alongside Donald Trump assuming the position of commander in chief.

There is a story to be told here that can fuse these two journeys and their outcomes, typified by this elevator image that Filmopolis has imprinted in its’ memory…

So an ambitious challenge to the talented few who have mastered this art.

How have our times changed so radically and unexpectedly, in a way that mean such different things to different people ?

What have our media and “leaders” led us to think and believe ?

There is a discussion to be had team Asif and friends…

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He could “do one”

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Where @thewestwingTV and faith in politics has felt absent in our lives, here’s the antidote.
Compelling drama based on sacrificial heroes I knew nothing about.
This is viewing that has a moral imperative.
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