Will this sequel of sorts to Dazed and Confused have grown up, or old ?

What you need to start with from the outset is this is a Richard Linklater film. You don’t approach a Linklater film because of a particular hook. It’s like following the work of a writer or artist that you just like… Richard Linklater is a man of an era. As a younger man you can only assume that much of what we see from his back catalogue  probably involved smoking a lot of something, hanging with his buddies, and trying to understand the female of the species.

This is the guy that brought the Matthew McConaghey “alright, alright, aright” into being.

As he has matured, beyond Dazed and Confused, he’s gone from a deep look into human relationships with the Before trilogy to family friendly Jack Black style with School of Rock, with his most mature and acclaimed work being the awards laden Boyhood.

This latest effort is like American Pie for the more discerning film goer. It is immature, rude, mysoginistic, but in a loveable and inoffensive way. You are endeared and engaged by the jocks and the jerks we are introduced to here. Like and older or younger brother that you cut some slack. Of course it looks and feels sun-kissed and nostalgic, with a soundtrack to boot. Not Linklater’s greatest film, but it’s kind of cool to goof off and hang out with.

8/10 – Jez Gibson