Batman V Superman review – Jez Gibson

Batty vs Super, will this be a new dawn or a yawn ?


Point one, Man of Steel was truly dreadful, as has been the main body of director Zach Snyder’s work.

But in the spirit of being fair and open minded – some people mature and develop, it’s a new Batman, Ben Affleck is credible nowadays as a director and actor. Ben doesn’t need the money so badly to sell out completely. New franchise, novelty factor of two giants on the screen together. It warrants the chance to be seen for better or for worse.

Point two – A film like this can’t be written off as much as I wanted to with the internal “please for the love of god leave the Nolan legacy alone for a while” reflex. It has the right to be seen and heard. It has a democratic right to exercise it’s freedom of speech.

This is better than Man of Steel… but some things just cannot be polished.

Affleck is an interesting and new inflection of the character of Batman. Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is a marmite menace, some will be mightily annoyed, but think there is some value in his performance. “Almost” Bond Henry Caville continues to be fairly dull with the less charismatic character, but ultimately is fine really and the ladies will be happy to see his finely toned torso again.

The ladies are represented well by the always excellent but underused Amy Adams, and a glimmer of our new Wonderwoman in wonderbra – Gal Gadot.

This film can be visually stunning, but the story telling is confusing and underwhelming. Character investment and emotional engagement is lacking, and CGI and set pieces can actually become boring and hard to follow.

This could have been dreadful. It’s not dreadful, it’s just disappointing. There is good to be found here in parts, which elevates this film from my anticipated 2/10 to an average at best 5/10. Some of you will enjoy it, but I fear most of you will wish that Batman and Ben Affleck had not been resurrected purely for the money.  



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