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 Jez Gibson

The founder of Filmopolis has been working hard to present to you – the people of Guildford and Surrey, with an option for a better life. Fell in love with film at 6 years old having first encountered Star Wars Episode IV in black and white on a toploader VHS.

Jez has traveled through space and time, got the girl and saved the world just to be with you now. A lover of great music and it being performed live. Where possible Filmopolis strives to entertain with great music alongside great movies. The aim for our events to be experiential and entertaining on many differing levels.

Filmopolis’ aim is to give you, whoever you may be, the licence to let go. Monthly film nights to date, but there is so much more in store for you with Filmopolis. The mission is to bring quality Independent Cinema Events to different places, to different audiences.

Guys and girls, families and festivals, corporate events. Filmopolis is underpinned by a growing online community who can share views and reviews, becoming increasingly a part of the fabric of the Filmopolis Future.

All of this is nothing without you. This is Your Filmopolis.



Oli Mould

Filmopolis’s very own doctor.

Ever since he was forced to watch Blade Runner as a 9 year old, Oli was a bit of film snob. Given that he now teaches modules on media and films he always tries to find the hidden meanings, metaphors and messages of films; which often leads to accusations of needless geekery. Films that show cities in interesting and different ways really float his boat, and if that is coupled with a science fiction theme, then watch out, he could go on for hours. If you want to know more, visit his site,



Paul Kerensa

Exiled Cornishman Paul Kerensa is one of British comedy’s leading talents, both as a writer and a comedian. He works regularly all over the UK and Europe, including The Comedy Store, Jongleurs, the Montreal Comedy Festival, and five solo shows at the Edinburgh Fringe, ranging from spoofs of Back To The Future to journeys through the Bible and around the world. Nominated for a British Comedy Award as part of the writing team for Miranda, Paul was also sought out as part of the writing team on the new incarnation of Top Gear. Paul has written on each series of Lee Mack’s sitcom Not Going Out among other shows, and is a published author with his book “So a Comedian Walks Into a Church”. He is also creator of



Jon Sandys

After developing his cinematic obsessions from a young age, Jon combined that with technical geekery and started his website in 1996 while he was supposed to be embracing schoolwork at the RGS Guildford. Continuing its development through university he had a brief stint on The Big Breakfast in its final year pointing out mistakes to an occasionally willing crowd, and released several editions of a Movie Mistakes book. He now runs the site full time, and hopes to continue avoiding a real job so long as directors continue to overlook continuity in their films.