Review: The Shallows


Just Find Dory or Nemo, or just watch Jaws again.

If you are a teenager, an easily thrilled student, or are entertained by a film that is the poorest cousin of the company already mentioned, you might enjoy The Shallows. This is no where near as thrilling as Open Water, and looks and feels like an overlong, trendy mobile / Go-Pro ad sponsored by Instagram.

Ok it has it’s moments, it’s crystal clear to look at, and there are some thrills along the way…but it made me feel like a cynical 40 year old film snob (there may be something in that), who wanted to give a free copy of Jaws to each person as they left the auditorium. I’d love to talk about acting, directing and cinematography, but I think the CGI shark ate these concepts pre-shoot.

It’s not sunk, but it’s just about floating with a mild chance of being devoured.
Please in the name that all that is holy trust Filmopolis, watch Jaws or Open Water, or wait until it’s free to watch.

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