Review – Bridget Jones’s Baby : a manly review

A perspective on Bridget Jones’s Baby, by a man, written for men…

Gentleman, this is on a need to know basis. You will be surrounded by a sea of overly excitable women of different ages.
You will feel outnumbered, you will feel outgunned; but there may be some good news.

1. So maybe you found the first film genuinely funny as a British Comedy, to the point of embracing a “threequel” ?

2. Maybe you are trying to please or impress a female companion ?

3. None of the above.

Filmopolis is here to help…

Point 1

I genuinely found “Bridget 1” funny. In fact Richard Curtis levels of funny.
I am clearly not a woman and the target demographic, but I warmed again to the characters, the very English humour, and the charm of this film.

“Bridget 2” – Not so much…

“Bridget 3” – the one with the baby
Basically more like Bridget 1. She’s older and had some cosmetic work done. Initially weird, but Renee’s and co’s charm wins through very quickly.

It’s purile and rude, framed to appeal clearly to a female sense of humour, BUT this has flashes of comic brilliance that transcends gender.

No Hugh Grant, although referenced, but we have a steadfast Colin Firth and a threateningly dashing American lead in Patrick Dempsey to add a layer to the plot, and also enabling British people to laugh at some weird things that American people do…

Soundtrack, cinematography, and cast are all still present and engaging.

It’s a laugh out loud 7/10 and you’ve earnt some goodwill.

Point 2

Buckle up boyo. The cinema auditorium is filled with a form of white noise of ladies chatting, right the way through trailers until the film is due to come on. Weird but you’ll get used to it.

This rapturous sound will settle with the beginning of the film, soon to transfer swiftly into hysterical laughter. Sometimes you will laugh with these swathes of ladies, sometimes not.

This is essentially one “for the girls” out there, but you will be rewarded with moments where the comedy is, well just very funny.
Rennee, Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey are all watchable movie stars, with a script that at some point, like it or not, will have you in stitches and emotionally investing with these key players.

Point 3

It’s not for you, and not to be encouraged.

So to summarise, I am a modern man who embraced the challenge of feeling like I had walked into a really well attended Ann Summers party with a big screen at the front. I was already partially converted in that I knew there were qualities from part 1. I laughed, to the point of tears, deep belly laugh at times… and felt some emotional investment in the story and some of the characters. For these reasons, referring back to points 1 and 2 combined, it’s a worthwhile 7/10 from me.

Jez Gibson

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