Accoustic kings Turin Brakes conquer King’s Cross – Jez Gibson

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Joker review by Jez Gibson

A melancholic multiplex masterpiece on madness? Marvel to DC, superheroes to anti-heroes, we are more than familiar with the business that can be made from the expanding cinematic universes we have been immersed in for years. Big, brash budgets, in which Marvel have taken more risks with directors to mix things up. Warner Bros certainly […]

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He could “do one”

That’s it. I’m tapping out of Twitter for a bit. The Sean Connery cameo has imploded my brain. yourfilmopolis photo

#TheComeyRule @Jeff_Daniels
Where @thewestwingTV and faith in politics has felt absent in our lives, here’s the antidote.
Compelling drama based on sacrificial heroes I knew nothing about.
This is viewing that has a moral imperative.
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