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Kong : Skull Island – Review by Jez Gibson

Monkey magic is back in our multiplexes.   Monkey feels a little derogatory to describe the magnificent, referentially god-like specimen resurrected for this latest Kong enterpretation.  We’ve got the big action bucks on display here, aContinue reading

Rogue One Review by That Film Doctor

This year, by most accounts, has been tumultuous. Notwithstanding the rise of far-right extremism, “Brexitrump” and the horrors of Aleppo, there have been strikes, anti-government protests and discord on the streets of many cities aroundContinue reading


This is a fantastic, engaging docu-film about what made Oasis who they were, and the road to that Knebworth gig. Not just for the faithful, this captures a moment in modern music history, giving usContinue reading

Arrival – Review by That Film Doctor

From the start, Arrival seems like a run-of-the-mill, Emmerich-style invasion movie; but very quickly that all changes. The film pivots on the big ‘reveal’ scene of the giant alien spaceships (which have clear and noContinue reading