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Review: “The Shallows”

  Just Find Dory or Nemo, or just watch Jaws again. If you are a teenager, an easily thrilled student, or are entertained by a film that is the poorest cousin of the company alreadyContinue reading


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[wpdevart_youtube]Uzw4wkHtEt4[/wpdevart_youtube] Good buzz growing on this one. Folks who wrote Sicario, director of Starred Up, and it’s got Captain Kirk playing against type. Broody, moody, indie looking stuff with The Dude in it too…


Review: The BFG

[wpdevart_youtube]AumQUhO3dUc[/wpdevart_youtube] You’re going to have to try really hard to not be swept away by this Beguiling Farting Gent. One of the most wonderful and yet tragic facts surrounding this magical film is centred onContinue reading

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Review: Star Trek Beyond

With J.J.Abrams having abandoned ship for Star Wars in favour of Star Trek, could a third instalment with new director be beyond expectation ?   So we reach number three in so far a surprisinglyContinue reading


Review: Finding Dory

Pixar prevail in what could have been a sequely Nemo no-go. It’s been a long time since we found Nemo, and forgot about Dory forgetting. Plenty of goodness has come and gone to challenge theContinue reading