Alien: Covenant review by That Film Doctor

I’m a big fan of the Alien franchise; I sat through AVP requiem and didn’t cry, and I once live tweeted the entirety of the special edition of Aliens. So it was difficult to go into Alien Covenant without coma-inducing levels of excitement. Scott atContinue reading

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Review by Jez Gibson

Is the bar going to prove too high for the stellar, gag’tastic Guardians with a jukebox ?   First off, you do really need to watch the initial instalment that seriously over delivered on expectations. Not because of a complex storyline, it’s more about gettingContinue reading

Kong : Skull Island – Review by Jez Gibson

Monkey magic is back in our multiplexes.   Monkey feels a little derogatory to describe the magnificent, referentially god-like specimen resurrected for this latest Kong enterpretation.  We’ve got the big action bucks on display here, a badass Samuel L Jackson mixed in with more thespy characterContinue reading

Sing – Review by Jez Gibson

An unexpected, unsung hero. This review challenges you to an unexpectedly good time. Ok, so let’s be honest. This looks like kids animation by the numbers. Average, predictable trailer, looks like the industry standard of this type of film. Most of them are pretty muchContinue reading

Manchester by the Sea – Review by Jez Gibson

 A strangely beautiful bridge over troubled waters… Casey Affleck has to return to a place he put far behind him to pick up the pieces following his brother’s death. Being awards season, ‘tis the season to be overwhelmed by films that are a treasure troveContinue reading

A Monster Calls – Review by Jez Gibson

This is a film that you may well have overlooked, quickly relegated in most multiplexes  – a monstrous mistake. Seek this out while it gets a brief bump back at some screens as we enter awards season.  A boy befriends a fantastical tree as heContinue reading

La La Land – Review by Jez Gibson

Is La La Land worthy of the awards hype it is already gaining, and will it make more of us fall in love with a musical ?  So, I am not really a musical kind of guy, but if something’s good, it’s good… Add anContinue reading

Filmopolis Top 20 films of 2016

So Filmopolis favourite films from 2016 in no particular order. On the must still see list are Hell or High Water, Son of Saul, Green Room and Under The Shadow. Film of the year though ? Spotlight.

Rogue One Review by That Film Doctor

This year, by most accounts, has been tumultuous. Notwithstanding the rise of far-right extremism, “Brexitrump” and the horrors of Aleppo, there have been strikes, anti-government protests and discord on the streets of many cities around the world. The political legacies of the Arab Spring, OccupyContinue reading