La La Land Review – Jez Gibson

Is La La Land worthy of the awards hype it is already gaining, and will it make more of us fall in love with a musical ?  So, I am not really a musical kind of guy, but if something’s good, it’s good… Add anContinue reading

Filmopolis Top 20 films of 2016

So Filmopolis favourite films from 2016 in no particular order. On the must still see list are Hell or High Water, Son of Saul, Green Room and Under The Shadow. Film of the year though ? Spotlight.

Rogue One Review by That Film Doctor

This year, by most accounts, has been tumultuous. Notwithstanding the rise of far-right extremism, “Brexitrump” and the horrors of Aleppo, there have been strikes, anti-government protests and discord on the streets of many cities around the world. The political legacies of the Arab Spring, OccupyContinue reading

Filmopolis lays down a challenge…

Filmopolis is a big fan of the new era of modern documentary film-making. Two of the homegrown current kings of the scene are Asif Kapadia (Senna and Amy), and Mat Whitecross who captured a snapshot of Oasis’ story (Supersonic). These are gents who have masteredContinue reading

Filmopolis a guest on The Heptagon Club podcast

Filmopolis in The Heptagon Club Dominic Holland on being Spiderman’s Dad… Nev Pierce on jumping from film journo to film-maker… Jez Gibson on Filmopolis, cinema for the people… from Movie Banter Jon & Jen on the movies of their lives… My daughter reviews every filmContinue reading


This is a fantastic, engaging docu-film about what made Oasis who they were, and the road to that Knebworth gig. Not just for the faithful, this captures a moment in modern music history, giving us a compelling insight in to the brothers and the bandContinue reading

Arrival – Review by That Film Doctor

From the start, Arrival seems like a run-of-the-mill, Emmerich-style invasion movie; but very quickly that all changes. The film pivots on the big ‘reveal’ scene of the giant alien spaceships (which have clear and no doubt deliberate resemblances to 2001’s monoliths). In this beautifully craftedContinue reading

Review – Doctor Strange

Doctor who ? Holmes or House M.D. ? A batch of both… Please first watch this clever, clever trailer – adapted to the wonderful Johnny Cash song “Hurt”, recently used for the new Logan film trailer. It brings me great joy to tell you thatContinue reading


‘Tis the season to remember those that have fought and fallen. Filmopolis has chosen one of the lighter offerings that nods to the armed forces, but also remembers a great light that went out a while back now, the much missed Robin Williams in onContinue reading